ASOS Tech Podcast

Episode 3.4 – Day In The Life Of… Sean Coyle (Associate Android Engineer)

Jen F talks to Sean Coyle from our Android App team about his diverse journey into tech through social services, train photography, his side project for testing new tech and where big tech should focus energy in the future.

Episode 3.3 – Service Templates @ ASOS Tech

Lewis talks to Chris, Steph, Tim and Tristan about how we have created Service Templates to enable teams to scaffold, build and deploy new services in a standardised way within minutes.

Episode 3.2 – Day In The Life Of… Jon Crofts (Associate QA Engineer)

In this episode of the ASOS Tech Podcast, Jen D talks to Jon Crofts from Paytech about his unconventional journey into tech as an Associate QA Engineer, from aspirations as a scientist through to education in Japan followed by boot-camping into tech, and what a QA does in Paytech.

Episode 3.1 – Generative AI & GitHub Copilot @ ASOS Tech

Lewis talks to Dylan, Aimee & Lakshmi about the rise of generative AI and how this is being used in tools like GitHub Copilot to support engineers

Episode 2.8 – Tech Training @ ASOS

In this episode of the ASOS Tech Podcast, Lucy and Adrian talk to David Barrows, Mofe Adeyemi and Dave Megins-Nicholas about all the training and personal development opportunities in ASOS Tech.

Episode 2.7 – Cross-Functional Teams @ ASOS

Tom talks to Ash, Dave, Jacob, Priscilla & Sukrit from our Data Science department about the benefits of cross-functional teams

Episode 2.6 – Day In The Life Of... Meeta Sonsati (Solutions Architect)

Adrian Lansdown talks to Solutions Architect, Meeta Sonsati about her journey into tech and what it takes to be a Solutions Architect @ ASOS

Episode 2.5 – Women in Tech @ ASOS with Char & Laura

Jen chats with Char and Laura about their journey into the tech industry and how to attract more women to tech.

Episode 2.4 – Day In The Life Of... Mark McKillion (Senior Platform Engineer)

Jen Davis talks to Senior Platform Engineer, Mark McKillion on his experiences at ASOS Northern Ireland Tech Hub.

Episode 2.3 – Northern Ireland Tech Hub @ ASOS

Chris and Lucy chat with Roisin and Ryan about their experience working in the NEW Northern Ireland Tech Hub.

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